All Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order abilities and powers

star wars jedi fallen order force powers abilities upgrades
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All the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force powers, abilities and upgrades can unlock either new ways to explore the world or devastate opponents, and nothing is inessential. Fallen Order's metroidvania design means that there's many areas of the galaxy that can't be reached unless you manage to obtain the right powers to reach them, and without abilities and upgrades like Force Push, Wall Run, Double Jump and the Underwater Breather.

As you get more abilities you'll probably have even more fun with the game, earning new loot with your ability to explore and carving up Stormtroopers with more fantastic force powers, but if you want to reach that point, here's how you get every ability, power and upgrade in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Wall Run

star wars jedi fallen order wall run

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This is an early skill and you can’t leave Bogano without grabbing it. You’ll find it in the Subterranean Refuge area via a handprint in a narrow room which will jog Cal’s memory to relearn the power.

Double bladed lightsaber

star wars jedi fallen order double bladed lightsaber

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Once you get the choice to head to Zeffo or Dathomir, pick Dathomir, the scary red homeworld of Darth Maul to unlock the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order double bladed lightsaber. Once there, progress through Brother’s Bastion, meet the Nightsister and you’ll eventually be led to a platform with a cloaked mumbling man. Turn around and drop down to find a path to a customization bench and this early upgrade.

Alternatively, you can grab this upgrade later in the story if you return to Bogano with Force Push and BD-1’s Scomp Link and explore the Abandoned Workshop to completion. If not, you’ll get it on Kashyyyk right before a big boss battle. No spoilers here!

Force Push

star wars jedi fallen order force push

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On Zeffo you’ll head to the first tomb, the Tomb of Eilram, where you’ll find a glowing blue door in an early area. Click the right stick to jog Cal’s memory and unlock this force ability. This ability is unmissable, so just keep playing through the campaign. 

star wars jedi fallen order scomp link

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With Force Push in tow, head back to the Weathered Monument area which is covered in troopers. There should be a door highlighted on your minimap which you can open with Force Push. Head up in a circular motion through this area and you’ll find a bench where you can upgrade BD-1 with the Star wars Jedi Fallen Order Scomp link so that it can slice, or hack, scomp doors and chests.


star wars jedi fallen order overcharge

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From the starting point of Kashyyyk, you’ll hit a blockade with a broken terminal and the game will funnel you into a room with two ziplines. Interact with the bench in this room to pick up Overcharge, an unmissable ability that lets BD-1 interact with terminals, switches, doors and ziplines.

Slice: Security Droid

star wars jedi fallen order slice security droid

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In the Imperial Refinery on Kashyyk, you’ll free Wookie slaves and find yourself outside with a group of rebels. On the far edge of the platform you’ll see two vines that lead you around the other side where there’s a workbench you can use to get this missable ability. 

Force Pull 

star wars jedi fallen order force pull

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Once you've freed the Wookiees on Kashyyyk, you’ll head back to Zeffo for the third and final tomb of doom! In the Tomb of Miktrull you’ll solve a few puzzles before being forced to engage your Force Pull ability to save Cal’s lightsaber from falling. This will jog Cal’s memory and unlock the ability, which you can’t miss. 

Powered Zipline

star wars jedi fallen order powered zipline

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With the Overcharge ability you can now get past the ruined terminal and cross down into the Imperial Dig Site on Zeffo where you’ll encounter a boss and some story beats. Keep progressing through this area until you reach a room with two security droids brawling. Beat them up (or turn them against each other if you have the Slice Security Droid ability) and use the bench they’re blocking to unlock this ability. 

Slice: Probe Droid

star wars jedi fallen order slice probe droid

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On the way back from the final Zeffo tomb when the Second Sister is taunting you, you’ll be forced to wall run your way back to the Mantis along some red structures in the Imperial Headquarters. After swinging from two vines and clearing a platform with stormtroopers, use the nearby bench to unlock a BD-1 upgrade that will let you slice Probe Droids.


star wars jedi fallen order rebreather

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When you return to Kashyyyk for the second visit you’ll progress to a watery area where Mari Kosan, Tarfful and Choyyssyk will stop Cal and give him an underwater rebreather to help him reach the Shadowlands. You need it to progress so don’t worry about missing it.

Double jump (Jedi leap)

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Still on your second visit to Kashyyyk, keep playing until you start helping out a huge dinosaur/bird creature who will lead you along a path to an ancient tree. During an area in which you bounce across green plants, the movement will jog Cal’s memory and he’ll learn a double jump called Jedi Leap. 

Climbing Claws

star wars jedi fallen order climbing claws

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Very late in the game on Dathomir you’ll fight a giant bat beast in a cave. After the first phase of the battle you’ll need to nick these unmissable climbing claws from a fallen Nightbrother to scale the wall out of its den. 

Extra lightsaber colours and Split Saber

star wars jedi fallen order lightsaber colours Split Saber

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In the final act of Fallen Order Cal will wreck his trusty blade, meaning you have to take a detour to Ilum to fix it. Navigate through the icy caves to find a bench where you can get a new kyber crystal, pick your saber colour and unlock a new slit saber to use in combat.

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