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How to solve the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order lantern puzzle in the Tomb of Miktrall

Star Wars Jedi fallen Order lantern puzzle Tomb of Miktrall
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As you play through Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order you'll eventually find a lantern puzzle in the Tomb of Miktrall. You'll need to burn some roots but there's water everywhere that will put out any fire it touches. The lantern puzzle solution is actually really easy and takes seconds, it's just that it uses mechanics and combinations the game doesn't really draw much attention too, so it's easy to miss what's right under your nose. 

How to solve the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order lantern puzzle

The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order lantern puzzle comes at the end of the Tomb of Miktrall on Zeffo - when you've unlocked the Force Push and your objective is to raise the Spire. To do so you'll need to get to the second level which is where the enormous glass pendulum should be hanging. There will be a spindle by a chain you can Force Pull and lock in place that will raise the pendulum up, and expose a length of chain entangled in roots.    

(Image credit: EA)

Once the spire is raised make sure the magnetic field nearby is turned on. You will have used it earlier to pull out the block you used to climb up. Once it's on and you can see wavy blue lines wafting into the wall head up to the slightly higher part of the second level. You'll be able to Force Pull a lantern out of the wall here that you can use to burn away the roots on the chain. However, the wet floors and water around the chain means there's no clear throw from here. So throw it at the magnetic field where the lantern will be held in place against the wall.  

(Image credit: EA)

With the magnetic field holding the lantern in place* you now have all the time in the world to drop back down, Force Pull the lantern to you and then Force Push it into the roots to burn them and drop the Spire. That will release the ball inside that you can then Force Push into the podium to open the Spire and watch a recording from Eno Cordovo, before resurfacing in Zeffo to carry on. 

*Alternatively you can use Force Slow on the Lantern while it's in the air and race to get down and catch it. You're basically making things harder for yourself though. 

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