Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order ball puzzle solution for The Tomb of Eilram

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order The Tomb of Eilram ball puzzle walkthrough
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The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order  ball puzzle in the Tomb of Eilram uses the Force to move a series of huge balls to trigger various switches. This involves manipulating things to change and extend the puzzle to new areas and multiple stages to finally reach the end. It's not a hard puzzle as such, but can catch you out because of how you progress and move things around.

You'll travel to the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo as part of the campaign where you'll unlock Force Push and then then use it to solve the Fallen Order ball puzzle. It'll involve pushing a series of giant balls around, using wind and tracks, to place them on various switches to change the level. It's essentially a series of small moment to moment puzzles, rather than one large one and if you're having trouble we can walk you through completing the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order ball puzzle on Zeffo. Get it done and you're free to leave The Tomb of Eilram.

The Tomb of Eilram Ball puzzle 1

Ball puzzle 1 in The Tomb of Eilram, Zeffo

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The first Tomb of Eilram chamber in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will have a single ball  against the wall. Activate the switch behind it to turn on a wind blast that will smash it into a far wall (revealing a Force Echo). Turn off the wind, go to the ball again and activate another switch for more wind, which will smash the ball clean through another wall. Leave this switch on and then also activate the other switch you'll find behind the newly smashed wall. This should put the ball in the middle, lined up with another vent you can activate to blow it on to the podium in the centre of the room. That will raise the floor and reveal a secret chamber below with a Force Echo inside. 

The Tomb of Eilram Ball puzzle 2

Star wars Jedi fallen order ball puzzle start

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The second Ball puzzle in The Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo is longer but completing it will get you out of the tomb. To solve it Force Push the ball on to the other podium under the arch, there'll be a Temple Guardian nearby to deal with if you haven't killed it already.

Star wars Jedi fallen order ball puzzle second ball

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When you get the ball in place a door will open up behind where the Guardian was. Inside adn to the left you'll find a second ball you can Force Push back into the main chamber, and position on the track to the left of the first ball. The wind will push it around and up to the higher level, a position where you'll be able to Force Push it into a podium to reconfigure more parts of the room. 

To progress you'll need to return to the swinging ball you climbed on earlier. Use your Force Push to smash the swinging ball into the door which will destroy both - releasing this third ball into the main chamber.

Star wars Jedi fallen order ball puzzle third ball

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Get the third ball on to the track so the wind starts blowing it around then climb up to where it flies past after the ramp has launched it into the air. Time your Force Push here to send it into the third and final podium. 

Star wars Jedi fallen order ball puzzle solution

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When this final ball hits the podium, the structure it's on will raise up and give you a new climbable wall you can use to reach the way out. 

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