RF Online starts beta test

Beta testing has started on RF Online, an MMORPG that is being operated and published by Codemasters.

RF Online is a sci-fi RPG that has already achieved huge success in the Far East. Codemasters announced that it had secured the rights to publish the Korean-made game earlier this year.

Developed by CCR Inc, RF Online mixes traditional fantasy with sci-fi action and is set in the galaxy of Novus, where three powerful factions - the Bellato Union, the mystical Holy Alliance Cora and the Accretian Empire - are at war with one another.

Beta testers will be able to create characters from one of the three factions and take part in huge battle that can feature thousands of players.

At the time of writing there were still places available for the beta test and any gamers interested in taking part should go to www.rf-onlinegame.com to sign up. Several shots of the test have been released to entice PC gamers to get involved.