Pirates of the Caribbean Online launches

Oct 31, 2007

Disney's free-to-play Pirates of the Caribbean Online MMO has just launched. Expect the game to sport all the swagger you'd expect from an MMO based on the movies with everything from a Jack Sparrow NPC doing his best Keith Richards impression to swashbuckling and ship sinking. However, don't expect this casual game to turn-on any uber hardcore raiders with itsless-than-stellar graphics and family friendly designs.

Still, we were surprised with how Pirates of the Caribbean Online has a lot of modern combat features. Swordplay uses a timing-based attack system similar to what we've seen in The Witcher and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. On the other hand, ranged pistol combat has an FPS feel to it, much like Hellgate: London and Tabula Rasa.

Check out ourpreview, andclick here to download the client and start your new career in piracy.