Paper Mario: Sticker Star trailer features the word 'nyarglebargle' and a screen-filling goat

Paper Mario: Sticker Star (opens in new tab) may well have featured in the 3DS sizzle reel (opens in new tab) from Nintendo Direct yesterday, but this full standalone trailer released afterwards is certainly worthy of a look in its own right. For starters, it uses the word 'Nyarglebargle', which doesn't get as much use as it probably ought. It also features a screen-filling goat, which we admit, we definitely did not expect to see. Observe:

We also particularly enjoyed the new arrangement of the classic Mario soundtrack, with groovy double bass and 'brush' snare taps complementing an enjoyable modulation through the familiar overworld theme. We know you were thinking the same thing. Suffice to say, as trailers go, this is a good 'un. And we're even more excited for the game now, which is due to launch on November 11 in the US, with Japan and Europe following on December 6 and 7 respectively.

Justin Towell

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