The new D&D is a killer RPG

Most of the time video game websites start talking about Dungeons & Dragons, it's as a history lesson. "Lookit the little maps and miniatures! That's where Skyrim came from!" But not here, friends. I'm here to tell you about one of the most modern and fun games I've ever played: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

First off, no, Wizards of the Coast doesn't officially call it 5th Edition, but we need some way to specify the awesome new version of the game that dials back the board game-y elements of 4th Edition but skirts around the mechanical crunch of 3.5. If all those numbers don't mean anything to you, that's even better.

Everything about the core trilogy--the Player's Handbook (opens in new tab), the Monster Manual (opens in new tab), and the Dungeon Master's Guide (opens in new tab)--is friendly to new players or (or, in the case of the DM's guide, will be when it's released in December). They each boast great art, easily digestible rules that are presented when and where you need them, and lovingly compiled indices. If you've ever tried to run a tabletop RPG, you know why a good index is worth calling out.

So if you're even a little bit tempted to give D&D a try, or to get back into it after a long absence, now is the time. Pick up a Starter Set (opens in new tab) for $12(!), gather your friends around a table, and get adventuring.

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