New chapter for HOMM V this autumn

Heroes of Might %26amp; Magic V disciples will be treated to what Ubisoft is describing as "the dramatic evolution and conclusion" to the HOMM V strategy saga in Tribes of the East, due to release this autumn.

A standalone title, Tribes of the East follows the Necrolord Arantir as he uncovers the prophecy of the Dark Messiah and exposes the Demon Sovereign's conspiracy.

The new campaign is accompanied by the introduction of the Orc faction as a playable race, new abilities for units thanks to an alternative upgrade level, new spells, artifacts and buildings and 10 new multiplayer maps.

We've uploaded the first screenshots from Tribes of the East for you to pass mince pies over. Just scroll up a little ways and hit the Images tab for an eyeful of flakey-crusted fantasy.

April 10, 2007