Marvel: War of Heroes card game coming to Android and iOS

Last week, mobile games publisher Mobage revealed their upcomingTransformers mobilecard game, and now this week they're unveiling the details on another western IP with Marvel: War of Heroes. You'll take the role of a shield agent who is tasked with gathering a super team to complete missions given to you by the likes of Nick Fury and other characters in the Marvel universe.

Marvel: War of Heroes features a story campaign mode that allows players to find the over 100 character cards available at launch and participate in monthly game events that will unlock special rewards - like rare cards. We haven't seen any actual gameplay yet, but the developers are promising the game will be accessible to any type of gamer - casual or hardcore and include evolution leveling mechanics for beefing up your team.

For more information on the battle card game, be sure to check our Marvel: War of Heroes game page and check out the official website to register and receive an exclusive rare card before the game comes out.

Lorenzo Veloria

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