Loki season 2 has hidden an X-Men Easter egg in plain sight

Patrick Stewart in X-Men
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Loki season 2 has brought the time-slipping God of Mischief back to our screens – and hidden an X-Men Easter egg in plain sight. 

Look closely when the crew are about to head outside to try and fix Loki's time-hopping issue, and you'll see the doors to the TVA look suspiciously like the doors found in the X-Mansion. They even open the same way… and of course, there's that distinctive "X."

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While this could be an Easter egg teasing the imminent arrival of the X-Men to the MCU, it could also be tied to season 2 star Ke Huy Quan, who worked on the first X-Men movie as an assistant fight choreographer and translator. Quan plays O.B. in Loki season 2 – and has already proved to be quite the fan favorite

There's no word yet on when the mutant team will be making their MCU debut, but mutants themselves have been teased more than once – Ms. Marvel ended with the reveal that Kamala Khan possesses a genetic mutation, while Namor called himself a mutant in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

No X-Men projects have been announced for Marvel Phase 5, so it looks like we'll have to wait until at least Marvel Phase 6 for their proper introduction. 

In the meantime, Loki is dropping a new episode on Disney Plus weekly. For much more on the show, check out our deep dives on: 

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