How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront

Walker Assault 

AT-ATs are en route to rebel bases on Endor, Tatooine and Sullust.

Use Tokens Wisely

If you happen to pick up an A-47 speeder or a TIE Fighter token during the battle try to save it until the next time you respawn (but don’t wait too long as it’s on a timer). These remove you from the battlefield and you won’t be returned to the same location when you return so there’s no point trying to get somewhere ‘safe’ before you activate it. Alternatively, if you’re penned in somewhere, use it save yourself from certain death.

Imperials - Keep Your AT-ATs Safe

Keep an eye on the location of the AT-ATs if you’re playing as the Empire. When the Y-Wing bombers are on their attack run, rally around the four-legged machines to protect them against incoming rebels. The do-gooders will likely be aiming for the relatively soft underbelly so use their tracer fire to pin-point where they are and deal with them. you have the advantage, so don’t waste it!

Rebels - Know The AT-ATs Weaknesses

It’ll take more than a flurry of rebel Y-Wing attacks to take down the AT-ATs so be prepared to join in the attack. You’ll need to use teamwork to bring it down and the best tactic is to get underneath it and activate a team shield. This will give you and your pals some protection while you wait for your Ion Torpedo to recharge - which will do the most damage to vehicles.

Know Your Turrets' Strengths

Turrets are great for taking down enemies, especially on Hoth, so get in one whenever you can. The larger DF9s will cut down soldiers with ease but their cannons overheat often so - ahem - stay on target. Aim for vehicles and other turrets with the ATGAR - that’s the one with the satellite dish. AT-STs are vulnerable to attacks from behind so wait until they go past before unloading on them.

Jump Packs Are King

Getting around the map quickly is key, so you’ll want to have a Jump Pack card on hand. This will not only help you with traversal but it should keep you alive longer. It also makes you look like an absolute badass, providing you don’t do a Leeroy Jenkins and leap straight into a sticky situation. If you see a lock-on warning at the bottom of the screen activate your rockets, fly up into the air and evade the incoming homing shot.

Don't Waste Power Ups

If you’re lucky enough to pick up an AT-ST or AT-AT power up while playing as the Empire, use it as soon as you get the opportunity. Being in one of these bigger vehicles gives you a distinct advantage over your enemy and the bulk of points you’ll add to the overall team score should be enough to swing a close match in your favour. We told you the Empire had the advantage!

Slow, Low, and Steady

On Hoth especially, where you’re easy to spot from distance, get down and stay low. You’ll encounter a lot of players rushing headlong into a firefight which makes them easy targets. Slow down and use the B button (Circle on PS4) to crouch. This will steady your aim, keep you out of enemy fire and increase your kill count. All of this should add up to more juicy credits at the end of the match.

Take Relays, Not Lives

It’s all about the relays in this mode, so concentrate on these over killing enemy soldiers. As the Alliance, the more time you spend in control of a relay the more Y-Wings will be at your disposal to attack the AT-ATs. And more Y-Wings is always a good thing. Imperials need to take down and defend these relays to allow their plodding war machines to reach targeting range.

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