How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront

Hero Battle 

This mode is all about scoring more kills than your opponent. If you’re playing this variant, then you’re stepping into the boots/robe/robot mask of one of Battlefront’s six different heroes. Just because you’re a badass, that doesn’t make you invincible. Here’s how to win.

Look Out For Hero Health Pick-ups

Why? Neither heroes nor villains are actually invincible, despite their awesomeness. You’re super-powered, sure, but you’ll lose some health with each wave of enemies that you take out. There are, however, Hero Health pick-ups dotted around each map (they’re glowing gold tokens) which you should aim to bag when you hit roughly 50% health.

Don't Forget Your Abilities

If you’re Luke or Vader it’s easy to get carried away slashing foes with your lightsaber and deflecting their blaster fire. Using your abilities allows you to deal with ranged enemies, or get yourself out of trouble. They’re especially effective against common troops, but can also provide an essential edge in duels with other powerful hero characters.

Take Down Enemy Heroes First

If you’re playing against a friend, always be sure to tackle them first. You’ll almost certainly take damage from enemy grunts, but your hero rival poses the biggest threat. And it’s a great reward too - downing an enemy hero and stealing their tokens will bag you the same points tally as nailing ten regular soldiers.

Always Taunt

Well, this isn’t essential but... when you’ve smashed down your friend, and you’re hoovering up the tokens from their spent body, be sure to taunt them using the directional buttons on your d-pad. Of course this won’t actually give you an edge in combat, but it’ll probably frustrate your foe into making a mistake, and you can beat them again. Probably.

Ignore Your Grunts, Not The Enemy's

Your AI buddies tend to do their own thing, and won’t contribute to the battle in a meaningful way. Occasionally they’ll score a kill. Enemy grunts, however, are worth two points per token, so killing a few of them while you hunt for your real enemy (the hero character) will keep the scoreboard ticking over until the big game.

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