How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront

Fighter Squadron 

Take the fight to the skies. The team with the most kills wins.

Get Locked and Loaded

Remember to hold L2 or LT when you’re close to enemy ships, as this will lock-on to your target and make it easier to hit them with your blaster-cannons and missiles. Don’t be tempted to hold the button down all the time though. Try to line yourself up behind your chosen enemy target before activating the lock so they have less time to react. Softly, softly, shooty monkey.

Fire and Flee

Missiles are the most effective way to deal damage, but they’re on a cool down so use them as soon as they become active then stay out of the action until they recharge. Once you have a lock-on, deliver the payload then move on to the next target - you’ll either get the kill or leave them critically damaged for your teammates to finish off. Why waste missiles when a few bursts of your buds’ blasters will do the trick?

Dip, Dodge, Dive

Use evasive manoeuvres by pressing up, left or right on the D-pad, as this is the easiest way to break an enemy missile lock or soft lock. Take note of what’s around you when you activate them though - using them in tight spaces like canyons or when close to the ground will end nastily. The kind of nasty that doesn’t wash out. Remember: just because you’ve escaped a lock doesn’t mean your enemy has forgotten you!

Divert Energy From Thrusters

Blaster-cannon damage is directly related to your speed. The more energy you put into thrust the less powerful your weapons will be so slow right down as soon as you get within range of a target. Your reduced speed will not only make your weapons more effective but it’s also much easier to aim at a slower speed. Fire off a volley of shots and accelerate away as soon as possible.

Team Up On Transports

If you’re looking to top the points leaderboard then make sure you focus your fire on the enemy transport ship when it arrives. It’s almost impossible to defeat it alone so as soon as you spot it try to team up with a few other pilots and take it down together. You may not get the final shot or the rewards, but, hey, it’s a team game so it all counts towards your total.

Vent Frustration On AI

We all have to start somewhere, and where better than against the AI? If you want to take the path of least resistance, look out for the AI bots - these are the ones without player names hovering over them. They won’t count towards your kill count but shooting them down is just as satisfying and this is a good way to hone your skills in a live fire environment at the same time.

High Flying Wins Out

Try to avoid engaging in head-on dog fights. Instead, fly high above or well below the action and attack the enemy from there. Just like a real pilot would... probably. This basically allows you to pump your targets full of hot lasers while staying relatively hidden. It also keeps you far enough away from the main conflict areas, meaning you should be able to avoid getting targeted yourself more easily.

Hero Ships For The Win

Power ups are often placed low and along challenging flight paths, but are worth gunning for as they’ll either repair your ship or give you shorter missile cooldown times. Your plan should be to get a kill then head towards a power up. This will keep you in the air longer and because you’re picking up power ups more regularly, you’re more likely to pick up the Slave I or the Millennium Falcon token.

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