How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront


In Battle Mode it’s your squad against an increasingly tough bunch of opposition forces. Here you’re just playing as a regular soldier, looking to score kills in the name of the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. Staying alive isn’t essential, but grabbing the tokens from fallen foes (and friends) absolutely is.

Always Grab Tokens

Yours and theirs. With no heroes around, it’s soldier vs soldier in this mode, so each kill counts. Snagging enemy tokens will net you two points, but grabbing tokens from your downed buddies will reduce your opponent’s score by two. Upping your count is always priority, but you can swing a game by tidying your allied tokens too.

Keep Moving

As the only human-controlled player, the enemy tends to focus its attacks in your direction. This means that staying in one place will soon get you overwhelmed, so be sure to keep moving around the map. You’ll find collectibles (check out our guides in these very pages!) and new power-ups too, and may even lead enemies into traps you’ve set.

Don't Forget Your Star Cards and Pick-ups

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re just blasting foes, but you should use Star Cards as often as possible - they recharge quicker than you might expect. And if you’ve got a pick-up, just use it and start looking for the next one. No sense wasting the advantage you have over your enemies.

Don't Be Afraid To Die

Sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but sometimes it’s best to die and respawn than sit around waiting for health regen. Why? Your opponent will always be scoring tokens, and they can clean up while you’re cowering behind a rock or a slab of ice. Go out guns blazing, die, respawn, and start collecting those tokens again.

Get Close For The Kill

If you can, make sure you’re nice and close to your enemies before you finish them off. This way you’re more likely to snag their token straight away, which will guarantee you points. If you snipe someone from afar, chances are their team mates will reclaim the token and knock points off your score.

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