How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront

Drop Zone 

Hit up the pods and walk away with the spoils - every time.

Lock Down Pods

If you’re the first to reach an unclaimed pod you can be sure the enemy won’t be far away so make sure you lock down the surrounding area before attempting to capture it. Use a personal shield if you’re going solo, but pack a squad shield in your loadout as well so you can protect your teammates while you capture the delicious bounty.

Stay For The Upgrades

Once the pod has been captured you’ll have a small window before the next one lands on the map. Use this time to regroup and collect the power ups that have just spilled out of the previous pod. These are random and range from Infantry Turrets to Smart Rockets but all should give you the upper hand when claiming the new pod.

Pick The Right Star Cards

It’s important to change your Star Card hand and weapons. Drop Zone takes place on maps where short to medium range weapons work best. You’ll be on the defensive a lot so try the DH-17 and make sure your hand includes a Personal Shield (available at rank 22) - you’ll need as much time as possible to capture the pod.

Guard Routes, Not Pods

Once you’ve managed to capture a pod you don’t have to stand next to it. If you’re going to do that you might as well have a giant flashing target on your head. Quickly survey the area and identify the routes the approaching enemy is most likely to take. If you have the Pulse Rifle as one of your Star Cards use it here.

Use The Falcon

You can’t fly it, but you can still utilise it! On the Rebel Depot map get up on top of the Falcon and use it as a vantage point. It gives you a great overview of the map and attackers that are moving out will find it difficult to spot you because of the blinding blooming effect. You don’t take damage for falling either, so when you’re ready just jump off.

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