How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront

Hero Hunt 

Track down iconic characters and bring them to their knees.

Learn The Heroes

You don’t know which hero you’ll be playing as, so learn each of their strengths and weaknesses. Stay out in the open as Han, Leia and Boba Fett and your blaster should provide enough firepower to quickly deal with oncoming enemies. But if you’re playing as Vader, Luke or the Emperor you should look for tighter spaces, where it’ll be easier to attack your enemies.

Be A Team Player

When attacking the hero it’s important to remember the objective. There will be seven of you all wanting to land the final shot - the player that does gets to become the hero in the next round - but teamwork is vital to success here. Team up and use weapons like the DLT-19 to keep your distance. Consider victory more important than personal glory and you’ll earn more of them.

Power-ups Will Always Help

Collect power-ups when you can. It’s easy to get distracted when Darth Vader is doing the rounds, but collecting them will make taking down the target a lot easier. Sneakier players will learn to lure heroes onto Proximity explosives or into the path of a well placed Automated Turret. Both will deal out a decent chunk of damage and also act as a good distraction.

Maintain Distance

Homing shots are useful for taking out heroes as they let you maintain a safe distance and, crucially, they can’t be parried by lightsabers. Anything that explodes will also be very effective, so pack your Grenades, Thermal Detonators and Exploder power-ups. Try to avoid vehicles if you can, as taking down a hero while piloting one of these is harder than it looks.

Learn Each Hero's Defence Moves

While playing as a hero you have a handy defensive manoeuvre you can activate by pressing L1 or LB. Boba Fett has a Jetpack allowing short bursts of sustained flight, Emperor Palpatine has a Force Dash to quickly travel short distances and Leia has... ummm, a shield she can stand in. But for the most part these will come in very handy when escaping.

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