How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront

Heroes Vs Villains 

Use the Force to find and defeat your foes. Or just shoot them. Whichever you prefer.

One-On-One Is Suicide

If you’re playing as a hero make sure you don’t stray too far from your team. It can be tough to take on another hero or villain in a one-on-one fight. Leia and Palpatine can also deploy their defensive powers to further boost the team. Organa has an Enhanced Squad shield and the Emperor can call in Imperial Resources to drop a power-up.

Balance Your Forces

Learn which heroes are best used to take down specific villains, and vice versa. If you’re playing as Luke you’ll want to try and avoid the Emperor as much as possible as you won’t be able to block his Force Lightning attack. On the dark side, Vader should be using close-range Lightsaber attacks to target non-Force users like Princess and Han Solo.

Ignore The Fodder

You won’t get to be a super-star in every round - that’s just the way life in the Star Wars universe works - so as a trooper ignore the cannon fodder and concentrate your fire on the opposing heroes or villains. You’ll have to learn to love the respawn screen but it’s the best way to help your team. Besides, if you do manage a cheeky kill you’ll be a real hero.

Rejoin The Fight

When not playing as one of the three central characters, keep an eye on the options on the respawn screen. Occasionally you’ll be given the opportunity to rejoin the fight as a Rebel Honour Guard (hero) or Shock Trooper (villain). These team playing troopers have higher health, can deal a lot more damage and also come with a custom set of Star Cards for you to use.

Increase Your Firepower

Star Cards play an important role here, as if you’re not one of the heroes or villains you’ll need the increased firepower to take them down successfully. Get rid of anything defensive like Personal Shield and sub in high damage ones like Homing Shot which can’t be deflected by Luke or Vader, and Barrage to launch grenades at your target.

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