How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront

Droid Run 

Three small droids are on the loose, catch ‘em all to win.

If A Droid Is Dumb - Use It To Your Advantage

Droids in a galaxy far, far away don’t seem to have a great sense of direction, which means sometimes they’ll trundle into cover. One of the little guys just makes his way around and under the Sandcrawler on the Tatooine map, for example. Use this to your advantage and capture them while you have adequate protection.

Move, Move, and Move Some More

The best way to stay on top in this mode is to keep moving. The Jump Pack is your friend here, which is unlocked once you reach level 13 for 3,100 credits. Use it to get around the map faster or to get to a higher vantage point - the tarpaulin sheets on Dune Sea Exchange are great for this. Get on top, crouch down and wait for the enemy to come running.

Remember To Defend

If the blundering bots are left unguarded - and they often are, bless ‘em - it can be really easy to capture one of them for your team. But they can be lost just as easily and you’ll need all three to win the match. Stay close to your team and remember that you don’t just need to capture the droid but defend each one as well. Divvy up the responsibilities.

Personal Shields Help

Change your Star Card loadout to include a Personal Shield. It won’t last long but should give you enough time to run in and capture the objective. After it’s secure your teammates should provide back up. Just make sure you get in there fast as these locations become choke-points and trying to reclaim the droid under fire is extremely tough.

Know Which Power-ups Work Best

Small maps means high power, close range weapons like the CA-87 and DL-44 are very effective. These only unlock after rank nine and cost 1,150 and 2,500 credits respectively, so use other modes like Supremacy and Walker Assault to earn credits and XP. Use power-ups like Proximity Grenades and Infantry Turrets.

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