How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront


Steal the enemy’s cargo, return it to your base. Rinse and repeat.

Avoid The Open

Think about the terrain. Most maps have large, open areas in the middle that you’ll want to avoid if you’re carrying cargo. Stick to the perimeter and try to sneak around the sides. Imperial Hangar has a route between the two cargo points which is almost entirely indoors. It’s on the opposite side to the landing pad so head that way and keep to the corridors.

Switch Roles, But Know Roles

Pick your role within your team. You should dedicate time to either being an attacker or defender. If you see the rest of your allies running off to collect the cargo, don’t leave your box of nuts and bolts unguarded. Sit tight and defend. They’ll either return with the loot or get killed trying, giving you the chance to take over the attack.

Do You Need Jump Pack?

Once you pick up the cargo you won’t be able to use your Jump Pack (that’d make it far too easy, huh?). To prepare for a stint carrying, think twice when you’re picking out your hand. Your best choice would be Barrage for clearing out the enemy, Cooling Cell to give you the edge in a firefight and Scan Pulse for your defensive duties.

Use Power-ups Wisely

Clever use of power-ups can be the difference between winning and losing in Cargo. Infantry Turrets and Proximity Bombs should primarily be used as defensive weapons on and around your stash. Whereas Thermal Imploders, Blaster Cannons and the Smart Rocket will quickly clear out the enemy cargo room giving you a headstart back to base.

Co-ordination Will Always Win

When defending it’s important to stick together. If you have the option to communicate with each other over voice chat use it. A well co-ordinated team is almost impossible to beat. Just remember that killing an enemy that’s taken your cargo isn’t enough, you have to go and reclaim it from where they dropped it by holding X or Square while next to it.

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