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Get a cheap gaming TV deal and get this 70-inch 4K Samsung monster from Best Buy for just $550

Get a cheap gaming TV deal with this 70-inch 4K Samsung monster from Best Buy
(Image credit: Samsung)

This right here is a monstrously cheap gaming TV deal from Best Buy. In every sense of the word. Right now you can get a massive Samsung UN70NU6070 TV, of 70-inch size, for just $549.99 at Best Buy. This is actual madness, and one of the best early Black Friday TV deals we've seen.

The TV, as well as being that enormous size - you never hear anyone complaining about their TV being 'too big', by the way, so don't be afraid! - has all the hallmarks of Samsung's quality. It's got wonderful HDR that will make the 4K resolution of the panel feel like an actively-functioning entertainment wall, let alone TV; it has all the functions of a Smart TV so you can streamline your entertainment setup; there's plenty of ports for all your devices; and its 10W speakers are even quite good. Overall, the bang to buck ratio here is enormous, and you'll be in massive net profit.

It might not be on par with the QLED range (then again, a QLED at 70-inches would never be as  affordable as this) but it is a quality Samsung TV nonetheless from a trusted manufacturer that's known for great-for-gaming TVs. It's also a massive wall-filling size and will have you all set in terms of smart features and streaming service apps. It's a total bargain. Aside from the size lending itself to being a home's 'main' TV, if you were setting aside 500-odd bucks for an extra TV for your house, think about how far this model would make that money go! 

Cheap gaming TV deal

Samsung NU6070 4K TV | 70-inch | just $549.99 at Best Buy (save 350)
The bang-to-buck ratio here is enormous as you get a TV that's large enough for most massive living rooms, for the price that many would pay for their 'second' TV.View Deal

Even before the Black Friday game deals kick in properly at the very end of this month, you're unlikely to see a quality 4K TV of 70-inches go for quite this low. As such, we'd recommend snapping it up now if you're in any way keen.

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