Fortnite Blockbuster challenges: Blockbuster mission and prestige explained

The Fortnite Blockbuster challenges are the ones to tackle for Week 5 of Fortnite Season 10, marking the halfway point for the season, and they look all the way back to Season 4 when the theme for the entire season of Fortnite was a superhero movie. It was a time when film cameras and movie props were all over the Fortnite map, and this Fortnite Blockbuster mission is a reference to that. Here's everything you need to know to complete the Fortnite Blockbuster challenges this season.

Fortnite Blockbuster challenges

Fortnite Blockbuster Challenges

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If you've got this far, then you understand the concept of challenges in Fortnite this season. You start off with three, then as you complete one, a new one will appear in its place, until you've completed seven. Then you can prestige the mission and get three new, harder challenges which again, are replaced by new ones until you've completed another seven. Here's the first list of seven Fortnite Blockbuster challenges:

Land in Dusty Depot, then visit the Meteor in a single match (1)

This is fairly straightforward, although annoying. Land at Dusty Depot at the start of the match, then keep your fingers crossed for a Launch Pad to get back up to the meteor hanging in the sky. Or you can just build and keep your fingers crossed nobody shoots you down.

Harvest materials at The Block (300)

Another easy peasy one. Land at the block, then farm materials until you've got 300.

Land at a run down Hero Mansion and an abandoned Villain Lair (1)

This one isn't difficult, but if you didn't play the game back in Season 4, you may not know where to go. In that case, we've got a guide to the Fortnite Hero Mansion and Villain Lair locations for you to check out.

Deal damage while being affected by low gravity (250)

To find the low gravity effect, head to either Loot Lake or the Meteor, both of which provide you with low gravity when you're nearby. You can also head to the location of the Fortnite glitched foraged items and hope for a Hop Rock, which will give you the same effect.

Search between a basement film camera, a snowy stone head and a flash gold big rig (1)

Now here's one that needs a guide. Finding the middle of the Fortnite film camera, stone head, and gold big rig locations is a mighty task unless you're an Epic developer, so head on over to our breakout guide to complete this challenge.

Consume fruit, mushrooms, or glitched foraged items in a single match (8)

There's plenty of fruit and mushrooms to be found throughout the map, so this one shouldn't be too tricky to complete. You just need to ingest eight in one match; we'd recommend going for mushrooms since you can eat them from the start and you don't need to take damage first.

Claim vending machines in different matches (3)

Vending machines can be found everywhere on the map, but did you know they actually have set spawns? If you're struggling to find some, take a look at our Fortnite Vending Machines guide which has all of the locations throughout the map.

Fortnite Blockbuster prestige challenges

Fortnite Blockbuster Challenges

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Eliminations at Dusty Depot or the Meteor (3)

Another straightforward one, just head to either Dusty Depot or the Meteor and kill three enemies.

Search chests or ammo boxes at The Block (7)

Fly on down to The Block and search seven chests or ammo boxes for this. Piece of cake.

Search chests at an abandoned Hero Mansion or Villain Lair (7)

Use our guide linked above for the locations, then just head to either one of these locations for a few matches and search seven chests.

Deal damage with explosive weapons (500)

Explosive weapons include things like the Proximity Launcher, Grenades, and Rocket Launcher, so make sure you hang on to it if you get one from a chest.

Search between a rotary phone, a fork-knife, and a hilltop house full of Carbide and Omega posters (1)

Another challenge that requires you to search between multiple locations, and thankfully we've got this covered for you too. Head on over to our Fortnite rotary phone, fork knife, and hilltop house locations guide to figure out exactly where you need to search.

Consume fruit, mushrooms, or glitched foraged items in a single match (8)

This is just like the challenge in the first set, but you need to do it in a single match. Again, land somewhere where there's loads of them and go to town.

Harvest materials at The Block or Dusty Depot in a single match (300)

Finally, another simple one. Just head to The Block or Dusty Depot and start swinging your pickaxe!

Completing all of these challenges will get you the Wildstyle... style option for Tilted Teknique, along with the Renegade Rollers and a cool spray. Good luck!

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