Fortnite Boogie Down challenges: Boogie Down mission and challenges explained

The Fortnite Boogie Down challenges are the Week 6 objectives in Fortnite Season 10, and if you've been following the pattern from previous weeks then you'll realise that these are all about dancing. You'll need to get your boogie on at various locations throughout Fortnite in order to clear this checklist, and we've got guides to help you through all of the Fortnite Boogie Down challenges right here.

Fortnite Boogie Down challenges

Fortnite Boogie Down challenges

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As we mentioned before, the Fortnite Boogie Down challenges this week are all about dancing and emoting, and there's seven base challenges followed by seven prestige challenges to complete. Read on for help with all of the Fortnite Boogie Down challenges, including a couple of specific guides.

Hit an opponent with a Boogie Bomb (2)

This is a simple challenge to kick things off, but first you need to find some Boogie Bombs and get close enough to an enemy to hit them with it. Remember the blast radius for a Boogie Bomb isn't particularly large, so make sure you're accurate.

Dance in front of a bat statue, in a way above-ground pool, and on a seat for giants (3)

Perhaps the longest challenge name ever, we've got a specific Fortnite bat statue, way above-ground pool, and seat for giants locations guide so you can complete this challenge without any problems.

Get an elimination with a Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and an SMG (3)

Another simple one, though if you're new to the game it might not be easy to complete. Just get an elimination with each type of weapon, thankfully not in the same game.

Travel 100m while dancing (100)

In order to do this, you either need to use an emote marked as traversal, or be on ice. Just emote for 100m – not consecutively, thankfully – to complete this challenge.

Visit an oversized piano (1)

Remember the enormous piano just south-east of Lonely Lodge? Well you need to go back there for this challenge. You'll find it overlooking the eastern cliffs, directly north of the mansion.

Destroy No Dancing signs (3)

There's a bunch of Fortnite No Dancing signs on the map, but thankfully you only need to destroy three of them. Most of the locations have changed from the last time this challenge was featured however, so make sure you check out the linked guide for all the locations we know of.

Dance in a B.R.U.T.E in different matches (3)

Another easy one, just make a beeline for the Brutes on the map as soon as you jump out of the battle bus.

Fortnite Boogie Down prestige challenges

Fortnite Boogie Down prestige challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Damage an opponent affected by a Boogie Bomb (2)

Similar to the last challenge, you just need to hit more enemies with Boogie Bombs and make sure you don't miss your shots.

Dance in front of a bat statue, in a way above-ground pool, and on a seat for giants in a single match (3)

This is much more difficult this time around, because you need to visit all three locations in a single match. You can use the same guide linked above, but I'd recommend starting off up at Haunted Hills before heading south in order to have enough time to visit all three.

Get an elimination with a Sniper Rifle, Pistol, and an Explosive Weapon (3)

This is much harder, mainly because getting a kill with a pistol will be frustrating. Keep your fingers crossed you can land on a Hand Cannon at the start of the match and kill someone before they get a better weapon.

Dance with others to raise the disco ball in an icy airplane hanger (1)

We've seen challenges like this in the past, where you need to co-operate with other players by dancing together, and the biggest annoyance with challenges like these are being unable to find randoms if you're playing solo. Nevertheless, to find the disco ball, head to Frosty Flights and it's in one of the hangars to the side of the runway.

Play the sheet music at an oversized piano (1)

Go back to the same piano as before, but this time you need to play the sheet music displayed. It's that easy.

Dance after opening a supply drop in different matches (3)

This is a random one. You just need to open three supply drops, then dance after doing so. The only caveat is that they need to be in different matches, we'd recommend Team Rumble because a considerably larger number of supply drops spawn in that mode.

Dance behind the DJ booth at a dance club with the Y0ND3R outfit (1)

Not sure where the DJ booth is? Go down to the industrial area south of Shifty Shafts and you'll be able to hear the nightclub from afar. Make sure you've got the Y0ND3R outfit equipped – unlocked at tier 47 in the battle pass – and dance your heart out.

Completing all of the challenges this week will unlock the SC3PT3R harvesting tool, along with the Formal White style for Y0ND3R. Good luck!

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