Fortnite Team Spirit challenges: How to complete the Season 10 Week 7 mission

For Week 7, the Fortnite Team Spirit challenges are all about teamwork as you need to buddy up with your pals to take them on. This part of Fortnite Season 10 is not ideal for any lone wolves out there, because Epic wants everyone in Fortnite to squad up for the Team Spirit mission in order to earn the rewards. Here's what you need to know about completing all of the Fortnite Team Spirit challenges this week – there are no specific breakout guides as they're all quite simple really!

Fortnite Team Spirit challenges

Fortnite Team Spirit challenges

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Like we mentioned before, the Fortnite Team Spirit challenges are all about playing with pals, so recruit some allies and decide where to land!

Play matches with a Friend (3)

Possible the simplest challenge to complete. Find someone on your friends list and play three matches with them!

Assist teammates with eliminations (5)

An assist is when you deal damage to enemies that your teammates finish off. In this case, you need to do that five times.

Pet a teammate's pet (1)

Have one of your squad members equip a pet backbling, then just interact with it to complete this one.

Heal a teammate with a Chug Splash in different matches (3)

Grab a Chug Splash in three different matches and throw it at a teammate while they're injured.

Mark an Uncommon, Rare, and Epic item (3)

Mark is referring to the ping system. Just ping an item of each rarity, you don't even need to let your teammates pick it up.

Deal combined damage with your squad or duo (1,000)

Simply deal 1,000 damage throughout your entire squad. You can even let your teammates do all the work if you're that type of player.

Revive a teammate in different matches (3)

When your teammates go down, just revive them in three different matches. You could even let them go down, just don't tell them.

Fortnite Team Spirit prestige challenges

Fortnite Team Spirit challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Finish top 20 with a Friend (3)

Top 20 isn't too difficult when you think about it. Just land near the edges of the map and take your time heading to the safe zone.

Assist teammates with eliminations in a single match (5)

The same as the last challenge, but you need to get five in one match.

Use a Launch Pad in squads or duos (1)

Staggeringly easy to complete this as long as you can find a Launch Pad.

Heal a teammate with a Cozy Campfire in different matches (3)

Find three Cozy Campfires and place them by injured teammates.

Mark a chest, a healing item, and a shield item in a single match (3)

These challenges really aren't getting much tougher, are they? Ping all three items in one game.

Deal combined damage with your squad or duo in a single match (1,000)

This one's much tougher than the last time, because you need to deal 1,000 damage as a cohesive unit in one game. I'd recommend tackling it in squads, even if it means playing with two randoms.

Reboot a teammate (1)

After a teammate dies, loot their corpse and grab their reboot card, then run to the nearest Reboot Van to bring them back to life in a blaze of glory.

These are all the Fortnite Team Spirit challenges this week, and when you complete them all you'll get the Sparkle Strider glider and Sparkle Supreme (Starlite) outfits. Good luck!

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