Fortnite Rumble Royale challenges: Rumble Royale mission and Prestige explained

The Fortnite Rumble Royale challenges differ from the rest of the weekly missions that you receive in Fortnite Season 10, as you need to specifically play the Team Rumble mode in order to tackle them. Helpfully, this large scale team deathmatch mode in Fortnite is a limited time mode that's been made permanent for the season, and having unlimited respawns available means working through the Fortnite Rumble Royale challenges is somewhat easier. Read on, as we've got all the information you need to know about how to complete and prestige them.

Fortnite Rumble Royale challenges

Fortnite Rumble Royale missions

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Like all of the missions, there's seven challenges to complete in total, and of course for these, you need to do them all within the Team Rumble mode. Remember that you can actually leave the game and your challenges will still count, so don't feel like you have to stay till the very end of the game once you've completed each challenge.

Play matches of Team Rumble with at least one elimination (5)

Nice and simple to start things off, you just need to play five separate matches and get a kill in each. Leave after your first kill for every match if you want to get them done quickly.

Win a match of Team Rumble (3)

Another easy one, unless you get put on a team with rubbish players each time! You just need to grab a victory royale in three Team Rumble matches.

Assist teammates with eliminations in Team Rumble (20)

Assists are essentially helping someone else to get the kill, so you need to damage 20 enemies then let your teammates kill them. 20 may seem like a lot, but as long as you play a good few games through to completion, the assists will stack up.

Build structures with the X-Lord outfit in Team Rumble (200)

For this, you just need to build 20 structures which uses 200 materials, all while wearing the X-Lord skin, which is unlocked as soon as you buy the battle pass. Simples.

Damage opponents in a single match of Team Rumble (500)

Deal 500 damage to enemies in one match. Don't miss your shots and you'll be fine.

Eliminate opponents less than 5m away in Team Rumble (5)

Grab a shotgun, get up close and personal, bish bash bosh.

Search Supply Drops in Team Rumble (5)

Supply Drops are much more common in Team Rumble, so this isn't as difficult as it may sound. 

Fortnite Rumble Royale Prestige challenges

Fortnite Rumble Royale Prestige missions

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When you complete all seven of the Fortnite Rumble Royale challenges, you'll be able to prestige them, which essentially makes them much harder. I hope you're sitting comfortably in your gaming chair, because these are much harder to complete:

  • Eliminate opponents in a single match of Team Rumble (3)
  • Eliminate opponents farther than 100m away in Team Rumble (3)
  • Assist teammates with eliminations in a single match of Team Rumble (5)
  • Deal damage to different opponents without respawning in Team Rumble (3)
  • Search Chests with the X-Lord outfit in Team Rumble (20)
  • Headshot damage in Team Rumble (1,000)
  • Search Supply Drops in a single match of Team Rumble (3)

The reward for completing all of the Prestige challenges here is the Rust style for the X-Lord skin, which is a throwback to the Rust Lord skin from Season 3. Now we just need a new Take The L emote.

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