Fortnite Bullseye challenges: How to complete all of the Season 10 Week 9 mission

If you're looking to wrap things up and clear the Fortnite Bullseye challenges then this is the guide for you, as we've packed in all the information you could need about the mission for Week 9 of Fortnite Season 10. These tasks involve hitting targets, being accurate, and generally shooting things with an element of skill, so make sure you're focusing on the prize to get through them. Our guide will provide pointers for how to take on each of these Fortnite Bullseye challenges, along with links to any other relevant Fortnite help available in our other more specific breakout guides.

Fortnite Bullseye challenges

Fortnite Bullseye Challenges

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In keeping with the name, the Fortnite Bullseye challenges generally revolve around hitting targets, so get your eye in and be ready to take aim.

Land on different Bullseyes (3)

You can see the Fortnite bullseyes from quite a distance away as you're gliding down from the battle bus, but you'll need to land on all three of them to clear this first challenges.

Hit Weak Points while harvesting (50)

As you hit things with your pickaxe to harvest materials, a circle will appear after the first hit. That target is the Weak Point, so keep hitting them until you've racked up 50 in total.

Get an elimination with a Sniper Rifle (1)

Pretty self-explanatory this one. For the best chance of eliminating an opponent with a sniper rifle, hit up the Team Rumble mode then find a rifle and bunker down until enemies come into view.

Hit easy firing range target (1)

There are three Fortnite firing ranges around the island, and for this challenge you just need to activate one of them and hit the target closest to you.

Complete the skydiving course over Fatal Fields after jumping from the Battle Bus (4)

Hop out of the battle bus over or near Fatal Fields, then follow the markers in the sky to complete the skydiving course.

Hit headshots (10)

Another self-explanatory challenge – aim for opponents' heads and rack up ten headshots in total.

Destroy Loot Carriers from 50m away (2)

You'll find Loot Carriers hovering over Fortnite Hot Spots, which are the point(s) of interest marked with a gold name on the map. Shoot a couple of the drones from at least 50m away and you're done.

Fortnite Bullseye prestige challenges

Fortnite Bullseye Challenges

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Hit 5 consecutive Weak Points while harvesting (1)

As before, the Weak Points are the circles that appear while harvesting materials, but now you need to hit five of them in a row. You'll need to pick an object with a decent amount of hit points so you can do five consecutive hits without destroying it – a thick tree will do the job.

Destroy Loot Carriers from 100m away (1)

Head to a Hot Spot, marked by the name of the location being gold on the map, then shoot down one of the drones from at least 100m away.

Hit headshots in a single match (3)

Aim high and go for the head of your opponents, as you'll need to hit three headshots in the same match.

Hit hard firing range target (1)

Make your way to one of the firing ranges, trigger it then hit the target furthest from you.

Complete the skydiving course over Dusty Depot after jumping from the Battle Bus (4)

Leap from the battle bus above Dusty Depot, then follow the sky markers to complete the course of skydiving.

Hit headshots with a Scoped weapon (3)

Scoped weapons can help you land headshots, and remember that a scoped assault rifle will be a lot less zoomed in than a sniper. Again, Team Rumble will probably give you the most opportunities to pick these scoped headshots up.

Land a Bottle Flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig (1)

You'll unlock the Bottle Flip toy at Battle Pass level 37, then head to the targets at the Fortnite Bottle Flip locations near a giant fish (G2), llama (B1), or pig (G10) and land a flip with the bottle – adjust the angle of you aim until you hit the sweet spot for landing a flip every time.

That takes care of all the Fortnite Bullseye challenges for this week, and by completing them you'll unlock the Vanquisher pickaxe and Ultima Knight (Silver) skin. Start hitting those targets!

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