Fortnite Hero Mansion and Villain Lair locations: Where to find the run down mansion and abandoned lair

Fortnite Hero Mansion
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The Fortnite Hero Mansion and Villain Lair locations have been in the game since Season 4, but recently they've gone somewhat unloved since their previous occupants fled. Both the run down Hero Mansion and abandoned Villain Lair are back this week with the Fortnite Blockbuster challenges, and a lot of players won't know the Fortnite Hero Mansion location or the Fortnite Villain Lair location if they've only started playing recently. Here's where you can find both the Hero Mansion and Villain Lair in Fortnite to complete the challenge.

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Fortnite Hero Mansion location

Fortnite Hero Mansion location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

All the way to the eastern coast of the map is where you can find the Fortnite Hero Mansion location, tucked away north of the desert region. Head to Lonely Lodge then follow the road to the south. The Fortnite Hero Mansion is a huge building that was once pristine, but has since become somewhat dilapidated. There's a number of chests to be found here though so you should be able to complete the prestige challenge when you return without too many issues.

Fortnite Villain Lair location

Fortnite Villain Lair map

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For the Fortnite Villain Lair, head to the opposite side of the map. This one is slightly trickier to find because the Fortnite Villain Lair is embedded in the side of a mountain. From the top of Snobby Shores, look at the mountain to your east and you'll be able to see a skull face. This is the Fortnite Villain Lair; build up to it and you'll find a few chests in the base where the villains carried out their operations.

It's as simple as that! Two unnamed locations on the Fortnite map that are easy to find if you know where to look, but can be considerably harder to discover if you're not familiar with the area. Once you've completed the first challenges, head back to both locations and search chests to complete the prestige ones. Good luck!

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