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Fortnite: Use an alien hologram pad on top of the party UFO

If you want to use a Fortnite alien hologram pad on top of the party UFO then there are a few questions to answer first. What's an alien hologram is one. And the second is, which one is the party UFO? There a few other questions to be honest, like what makes a party UFO a party UFO, but none of these will help you tick off this Fortnite Rift tour challenge. 

How use an alien hologram pad on top of the party UFO in Fortnite

fortnite alien hologram party ufo

(Image credit: Epic)

For reasons known only to itself, the central UFO in the Fortnite map is the party UFO. That's the one named The Aftermath when you land on it, and the one where you can find and use an alien hologram pad. It's probably best here to drop in first and tick it off before you do anything else. You might be able to get to this UFO on the map later and use the updraft to reach it, but it's a risk all things considered - land on it right at the start and all you have to worry about is other players with pickaxes. That makes life easier (especially as the alien hologram pad has a built in escape plan) so just land near the sparkling light cone and run through it to tick off the challenge. The hologram will then fling you in to the air, hopefully away from any danger and leave you free to drop back down to the map somewhere safe to carry on playing. 

fortnite alien hologram party ufo

(Image credit: Epic)

Using the Alien Hologram pad will reward you with a new emoticon, the Cloudy Kitty Emoticon. This is the third and final challenge for the rift tour. You can also gain rewards for ticking the 'wanna go?' option on the tour event page (which gets you the Cosmic Cuddles Loading Screen) and for interacting with a Fortnite Rift posters in-game (that gets you the Rift-sterpiece Spray). 

Get all those done now and all you have to do now is wait for the show next week.

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