First poster arrives for Godzilla remake

Comic-Con attendees were treated to an unexpected look at some early test footage from Legendary Pictures' forthcoming Godzilla remake, with the giant lizard looking meaner and moodier than ever before.

Directed by Monsters ' Gareth Edwards, the footage showed the wreckage of a ruined cityscape with a mysterious creature lying prone in the midst of it. The the screen cut to black before Godzilla appeared in all his glory, roaring and snarling like he'd never been away!

Edwards then made a brief appearance on stage, in order to describe the thinking behind his take on the famous movie monster. "There's nothing sci-fi," he says about the film's approach. "It's very grounded and realistic. What would it be like if this all really happened?"

That might sound a little daft given that we're discussing a film about a rampaging dinosaur, although Monsters did a cracking job of presenting an alien invasion as a matter of fact phenomena, so if anyone can "ground" Godzilla, it's Edwards.

Meanwhile, a moody new poster has been released for the film online, playing up the character's Japanese origins without actually revealing Godzilla's scaly features. You can take a look at it in full, below…

George Wales

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