Division 2 Expeditions: How to complete the three missions in Kenly

Division 2 Expeditions
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They were revealed during E3, and now the Division 2 Expeditions are finally in the game, but some players are still confused as to what they actually are. They're free to all players in The Division 2 - although season pass holders get them a week early - and they'll take players to new locations to "discover new narrative and gameplay opportunities". Division 2 Expeditions are live now so you can jump in, but if you're still slightly bewildered, let us shed some light on exactly what the Division 2 Expeditions entail.

What are Division 2 Expeditions?

Division 2 Expeditions

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According to the official blog post on the subject, Division 2 Expeditions offer "unique challenges and lore not found anywhere else: new collectibles, treasure rooms, environmental puzzles, unique boss mechanics, and more." But what does this mean?

Division 2 Expeditions have been added to the game now, and you access them the same way as raids; go to the helicopter pilot outside of the White House and access them that way, or you can also fast travel via the map.

Each of the first three Expeditions takes place in Kenly, a new location found at the top of the map. The three Expeditions are tied together with a single narrative however, so each one will complete more of the story. They're not all available at the start; you have to wait for a week before the next one becomes available, but afterwards all three will be open permanently. When you complete all three locations in an Expedition, you'll gain access to an "exclusive treasure room full of rewards", which is where you'll be able to get the Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Rifle.

When we spoke to Massive at E3 2019 about exotics and Expeditions, they told us that with each one, players need to "uncover a mystery" and that there won't be much hand-holding going on. If you enjoyed solving the riddles with the Division 2 masks, then these Expeditions will be for you because they'll apparently be similar.

Division 2 Mastery System

When Expeditions are added to the game, another new system of challenges is being added called Mastery. These are completely optional replayable challenges where players can earn bronze, silver, or gold rewards. Each set of Mastery challenges is specific to the location and it's based on your individual performance, so don't expect to get carried by your teammates to a gold medal.

As soon as we know more about Division 2 Expeditions including the release date for the first one, this guide will be updated with new information. Until then, stay safe out there, Agent.

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