The Division 2 Hyena Keys: Where to find Hyena Key locations in The Division 2, along with Outcast Keys and True Sons Keys

The Division 2 Hyena Keys crate

Division 2 Hyena keys are some of the first keys you'll find you need in The Division 2, when you find one of the green lockboxes with the Hyena symbol on the side. The problem is that there's a strong chance you won't have found any Division 2 Hyena keys - or any of the other faction keys like Outcast keys or True Sons keys - by that point, so you'll be sent on a wild goose chase looking for Division 2 Hyena keys. If you haven't got a clue where to get started in stockpiling Division 2 Hyena keys, read on for everything we know about where to find them.

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Where to find Hyena Keys in The Division 2

We've been searching high and low for all of the different faction keys in The Division 2, and we're fairly certain on the Hyena Keys locations. You want to head underground, into the tunnels underneath the grounds of the White House. The underground entrances are marked by the orange arrows and fairly easy to see if you zoom in on the map.

The Division 2 Hyena Key location

When underground, scour the tunnels for small cabinets on the walls. These are where you'll find Hyena Keys in The Division 2, along with Outcast Keys and True Sons Keys if you're lucky. The image above shows exactly the type of cabinet you're looking for to find The Division 2 Hyena Keys, so stock up on a few so you're ready the second you come across some Hyena crates later down the line.

There's a number of other underground entrances throughout the map, but the first one you'll have access to is just south of the White House so we'd recommend heading there first. Hyena Keys, Outcast Keys, and True Sons Keys can open boxes with some of the best loot in the game, so make sure you're ready!

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