Division 2 Hidden Side Missions: How to find all the secret missions in The Division 2

There are five Division 2 hidden side missions scattered across Washington D.C., although they're unsurprisingly quite difficult to find as they don't appear on your map until you actually go and talk to the quest giver. If you're after these elusive side missions, you'll need to know the Division 2 locations to find the relevant NPCs which is what this guide is all about. Completing them will award you with unique rewards for The Division 2, like outfits and blueprints for weapon mods. Here's where you can find all five Division 2 hidden side missions.

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Division 2 Hidden Side Missions - Navy Hill Transmission

The first of five Division 2 Hidden Side Missions is called Navy Hill Transmission and - surprise, surprise - it can be found near the Navy Hill control point. Fast travel to the Foggy Bottom Truman safe house, leave through the North Exit, then head west and follow the chainlink fence through the open double gates. 

Climb on to the grassy embankment and into the car park, and you'll see a door by the front of a white van. Head inside and down the ladder to find Jane Applegate, the quest giver for Navy Hill Transmission.

Rewards: Nimble Link Belt Blueprint and Retro Field Uniform - The Nimble Link Belt grants +10% rate of fire but -20% stability for any belt-fed weapons. The Retro Field Uniform is an old-timey outfit for your agent.

Division 2 Hidden Side Missions - Garage Stash

From the Attic safe house in West End, leave through the South East exit and head to 25th St NW. Follow it north until you see a brick house on your right with a huge pile of trash piled up against it. 

Cut in and run through the white picket fence and you'll see a huge burning pile of trash. Run inside the open door for the white house, down the stairs and you'll find a room converted into a safe house with Stephen Shore, who will give you the Garage Stash side mission.

Reward: Force Feed .45 ACP Mag Blueprint - Extended magazine for any .45 ACP SMGs that deals an extra 10% damage to elites but reduces the optimal range by 10%.

Division 2 Hidden Side Missions - Missing Scavengers

Fast travel to the Archive safe house in Constitution Hall and leave through the West exit. Go north up 20th St NW, past the resource node, then as you go past the building with three American flags, take a right down the alley.

In front of you will be a gay pride flag - enter the door on your left, open the door at the other side of the room then take a right. Stood next to a caravan will be William Bromley, the quest giver.

Reward: C79 Scope (3.4x) Blueprint - A 3.4x zoom scope that fits any long top rails and deals an extra 15% damage to elites, in exchange for a 20% slower reload speed.

Division 2 Hidden Side Missions - Missing Wire Scavengers

Head to the Hotel Infirmary control point and take Massachusetts Ave NW eastbound. Eventually you'll reach a driveway on the right, opposite Brasserie Steakhouse on the left. 

Go down the driveway and through the open door in front. Take a left and at the end there's a rope to climb. Go up the next ladder, then climb through the smashed window. In here is where you'll find the person who gives you Missing Wire Scavengers.

Reward: Osprey 9 Suppressor Blueprint - Grants any 9mm calber muzzles a +20% critical hit chance but reduces rate of fire by 10%.

Division 2 Hidden Side Missions - Missing Curators

Start at the Castle settlement and you don't have to go very far at all. Run through the south exit and take a right. Almost immediately on your right again is a driveway going underground, with some sandbags and a guard hut at the end. 

Run all the way into the underground car park, open the doors at the end and go down the stairs. Here's the safe area where you can obtain the Missing Curators side mission.

Reward: Calibrated Link Blueprint - Grants +15% stability and -5% rate of fire for any belt-fed weapon like LMGs.

Once you're done with all the Division 2 Hidden Side Missions, why not hunt down some Division 2 bounties?

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