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The Division 2 map: How does it change when you reach endgame?

Compared to the start of the game, the Division 2 map acts and behaves much differently compared to the end. The actual environment doesn't change, but you'll find that the Division 2 map is an ever growing place, as the various factions fight for control. This only happens towards the end of The Division 2, so if you're wondering just how the Division 2 map changes, read on.

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The Division 2 map during the first playthrough

The Division 2 map

This map is from mid-way through an initial playthrough of the game, before reaching level 30. The map is full of the three main factions; Hyenas, Outcasts, and True Sons, but as you start to take over the control points and help out the settlements, Washington D.C. becomes a safer place to wander.

The Division 2 map during endgame

The Division 2 endgame map

When you complete the main story, you're introduced to a fourth faction: the Black Tusk. These are much tougher enemies that completely retake the map, so you essentially have to start from scratch but with much better gear. You can fast travel to the safe houses  - those don't get claimed - but every control point, settlement and stronghold buckles to Black Tusk control. You can even replay a number of main missions but with a slight twist now they feature the Black Tusk.

As you continue to play during the endgame, this changes though. Allied forces will assault control points without your involvement, so even if you haven't attacked one yourself, you may notice a control point has switched ownership. The Black Tusk will continue to fight back though, so it's unlikely you'll ever be able to completely conquer Washington D.C. again.

The Division 2 map always evolving and changing in this fashion means there's much more content to tackle when you reach the endgame, so don't even for a second consider putting the game down. Get out there and do your job, Agent.

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