How to level up fast in The Division 2, farm XP and reach the level cap

If you're wondering how to level up fast in The Division 2, look no further. Levelling up is one of the key aspects of The Division 2, since the game really opens up when you reach level 30 with all the lovely endgame content. We've got everything you need on how to level up fast in The Division 2, farm XP, and reach the level cap right here.

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Pick perks to earn more XP faster

The White House Quartermaster in The Division 2 is your friend because without him you can't get new skills or perks - there's a reason why he's an early port of call when you first start. If you want to maximise your XP gains then you'll want to get a specific perks called Accolade. Like the other perks on offer this costs a single SHD tech point to buy and later level up, but instead of adding a weapon attachment or increasing inventory slots, Accolade will boost the XP you gain from certain actions: 

  • Level 1 - Headshot Accolade: Headshot kills award bonus XP.
  • Level 2 - Multi-kill Accolade: Killing multiple enemies at the same time award and XP bonus. 
  • Level 3 - Weakpoints accolade: Kills triggered by destroying weakpoints award an XP bonus.
  • Level 4 - Tactical Kill Accolade: Kills triggered by destroying environment objects award an XP bonus. 
  • Level 5 - Survivor: Not dying for a long amount of time, solo or in a group, will award increasing XP bonuses. 

These XP bonuses will really add up if you get them in early, and it's worth maybe forgoing some of the other perks initially while the game is easier to level up faster.

Turn on the Ubi Club Challenges 

Hidden away in the Progression menu are Ubi Club Challenges. Head into the progression menu and hit the right bumper until you reach the little Ubisoft logo and a section called Club Challenges. These will revolve around things like 'Eliminate True Sons' or 'Eliminate enemies while they are on fire' and so on, and all of them will awards progressive XP rewards if you complete them inside the 20 hour time limit. It's not a huge amount of XP initially per challenge, but you can activate all six at once and it all adds up. It's also XP you wouldn't otherwise be getting so grab what you can. 

Don't waste time in Dark Zone PvP just yet

I know the Dark Zone is fun and it's nice to test your skills against other people but the progression system for that is unique and separate to the rest of the game. That means whatever time you spend in the Dark Zone and the progression you make there doesn't contribute to your main game progress. If you are chasing that sweet, sweet end game it's best to avoid the Dark Zone, at least for a while, so all your efforts count towards levelling up faster and getting you to the level cap. 

It goes without saying that the most XP you can get in The Division 2 comes from the main story missions and side objectives. In terms of value for money the side missions are probably the best payout overall - they pay less XP compared to a main objective per go, but there's more of them, so the collective XP boost makes them worth ticking off. 

Obviously the biggest single XP payouts will come from the main missions, but you really have to time them just right - too soon, when you're too low a level and it'll just be a painful slog. Too late however, when you're a much higher level and you'll find it easier but the XP payout will feel less satisfying against your current level. The trick is to hit the main missions (and the side ones) just as you hit the required level. It might be more challenging than coming back when you're overpowered but you'll feel the XP increase more. 

Play with friends or a team whenever you can

The Division 2 scales up according to how many players there are in a mission. That means more enemies and, because you earn XP for any kill made by someone on your team, more XP. It's basically free XP without you doing anything other than just teaming up with friends or matchmaking with whoever's around. 

Tick off the little things along the way as you travel

Things like public executions, propaganda transmitters and other little events don't award a great deal of XP but there are plenty of them. So, per job the payout isn't great, but overall it can add up. Especially if you plan a route to a bigger mission that takes in a few minor quests along the way. Throw in an enemy rich Control Point (especially if you've unlocked some XP boosting Accolade perks) and you'll get even more XP, as well as some good loot. These little extras also tie back into settlement Projects while Control Points also need supplies once you own them, all adding up to extra XP gains. 

Don't forget to complete a few Projects

There are various Projects to complete at settlements that will make life better for the survivors living there. These usually require some resources you might have collected, or an activity completing in the world. It's all stuff you can collect and do as you go for the most part, meaning all you really have to do to collect some extra XP owed to you is remember to report in and accept them, so don't forget. 

Make sure you unlock everything on the map, and listen out for messages or collectibles 

As we've mentioned there can be plenty of small XP gains to be found by completing non-mission tasks on the map, but only if you've unlocked them. That will only happen when you enter new areas and unlock safe houses. That will, in turn, unlock more missions, jobs to do and useful things like perk-buying SHD caches - all of which will help with getting more XP. Also listen out for any messages as you wander as your assistant AI ISAC will point out Comm devices and echoes when you pass them by. You won't get much for collecting single instances of these but it'll all add up over time.

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