The best Division 2 skills: the gear you need to incinerate and harass your way to the top

There's plenty of Division 2 skills to choose from, but which ones are the best? It's a subjective topic because The Division 2 has a plethora of skills suited to a variety of situations, so depending on your playstyle, you'll have a personal preference. Nevertheless, we've got some of the best Division 2 skills here, so give some of these a shot at the start of the game and see how you fare. Read on for all of the best Division 2 skills for beginners.

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Striker Drone

This little gun carrying quadcopter is a great starter as it’s a flexible, effective option you can frequently use for a lot of the game. Once deployed it’ll fly around attacking any nearby enemies on its own, or you can direct it with a tap of the left bumper to specific targets. Because you can dictate who it attacks it gives you a huge amount of flexibility in terms of flanking and controlling the battle. You can focus fire together for tougher targets for example, or leave it to manage one set of enemies while you deal with another. 

Stinger Hive

The Hive is a ridiculously powerful bit of kit that fires out a cloud of tiny rocket micro drones that attack anything that passes in its radius. Because it fires out a lot of drones and has quite a big radius of affect its incredibly devastating and useful both for taking a lot of enemies or shutting down a lane of attack by making it impossible to pass. It does have a long cool down though so you can’t throw it out all over the place. The Restorer and Booster variants that heal and buff players are also pretty useful if you want to play support but it’s the destructive side that really excels - once you’ve set a cloud of explosive robot bees on the bad guys you’ll never want to go back. 

Firestarter Chem Launcher

The Firestarter Chem Launcher has two things in its favor. Firstly it wreaks chaos on the bad guys, and secondly it has a snappy cool down that means you can use it repeatedly in battle. It’s a kind of grenade launcher popping out canisters that flood an area with explosive gas that is easy ignited by gunfire. It’s got a decent area of effect meaning you can set fire to multiple enemies, flush them from cover and generally ruin a lot people’s days in a short space of time. The Oxidiser option is also handy to weaken tough enemies as it damages armor and gadgets, stripping away protection.   

Cluster Seeker Mine 

The strength of the Seeker Mine is it’s fire and forget capability - drop it on the floor and you can tag a target for it to track down and exploderate. The Cluster variant sends out multiple mines meaning you can take out more enemies and affect a wider area. It’s best used when enemies hide behind cover and can decimate all your problems in a very short amount of time. 

Incinerator or Sniper Turret

The mobility of the Striker Drone makes the basic turret a bit of a weak option in comparison - it's stationary and needs line of sight to be any use. However, the Incinerator or Sniper variants are very usefully different. The Incinerator is a flame thrower that’s great at shutting down a lane of attack. If you want to keep enemies away, or stuck to one side of the battle, place the Incinerator and watch it spew sheets of flame, making entire zones unnavigable. The Sniper option on the other hand shoots high calibre bullets at enemies you target, providing some damaging cover fire for you. 

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