The Division 2 dyes - add colour to your agent and life in general with these 10 easy to find dye locations

Division 2 dyes aren't easy to find, despite them not actually benefiting your gameplay in any way. You may have found one or two here and there, but if you don't know exactly what to look for when searching for Division 2 dyes, you'll be lacking when it comes to customisation options for your weapons and gear. Washington D.C. is a big place in The Division 2, but we've got some Division 2 dyes locations to help you add some colour to your life.

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Where to find Division 2 dyes 

The trick to finding the Division 2 dyes locations is to look out for orange supply crates hanging from parachutes. These are often caught up in trees, or building structures. The key thing is that if it’s an orange crate you’re guaranteed a dye when you shoot it to release the contents. You can also get some pretty good gear as well so there’s even more reason to go looking for these high up caches. 

Essentially you just need to keep looking up occasionally as you explore for a telltale parachute, or orange crate strung up somewhere. However, to make life easier here are 10 easy to find orange crates you can go and find right now. 

10 easy to find Division 2 dyes 

  • Head East of the Lincoln Memorial and look out for beached ships in the trees. You’ll find an orange crate hanging from the branches by the wrecked ships.  
  • Head west/north west from the Lincoln Memorial and follow the road and the ‘Evacuation Route. Arlington Bridge’ signs. You should see an orange crate in the trees to the right after some red buses. 
  • Head south of the White House and you’ll find the fair you passed in the opening mission. Bear to the right as you approach it and follow it around until you see a crate hanging from a tree.
  • On the far west of the map you’ll find a crane on the waterfront near a bridge to the island stronghold. The orange crate is hanging from there. 
  • Go to the safehouse in Federal Triangle and head out the north east exit. When you finally get outside you’ll see a ladder. Take that and the crate will be around to the right 
  • Look for some American flags hanging from a building with ‘Cantar’ written on the front near a steaming patch of sidewalk. Go into the covered area there and you’ll find escalators down into the Metro. Follow the stairs down and the corridor it takes you through, and when you go up some more escalators bear left until you enter into an atrium area inside the building. You’ll see the crate hanging from the roof behind after you come up the stairs.
  • On the side of this block facing the Dark Zone wall you can find a gate tucked away between two buildings with a lock on it. Shoot the lock off and you can get into the alley. This will let you climb ladders and vents to reach the roof where you can get at the crate. 
  • There’s a dye to be found hanging in a tree in the courtyard of the Air and Space Museum. You’ll go there during a mission which will open the gate. Otherwise it’ll be closed up and you’ll have to look for a small gap in the barbwire to climb though behind the green guard booth to the left of the big main gates. 
  • Look up to the sides of the buildings here and you’ll see a crate hooked on a corner
  • During the Side mission Jeff The Beekeeper there’s a crate above you in the areas where you fight to protect him.

And, as a bonus, there’s also a crate in the south east corner of the main compound on Roosevelt Island, the level 27-30 area you can reach towards the end of the game. Good luck with that one. 

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