New Division 2 content including more exotics and "mystery" expeditions coming, say Massive

New Division 2 content

Two of our favourite things in The Division 2 are the unique Division 2 Exotics - powerful weapons with individual talents that can't be obtained on any other gun - and the Division 2 masks, obtained by completing obscure riddles and slaying mini-bosses called hunters. While speaking with Massive at E3 2019, we touched on the future content coming to the game, like the upcoming Expeditions they revealed during the event, and the prospect of more exotic weapons. It's good news for both; more exotics are definitely coming, and the Expeditions are going to appease the players who loved solving the riddles and are yearning for more content like it.

The Division 2 Exotics - Chatterbox

When we asked if there'd be more exotic weapons, Massive's answer was short and sweet: "There are definitely plans for more exotic weapons and gear coming over the course of the year, yes." Without detailing specifics about future exotics, they explained that adding them to the game isn't quite as easy as simply putting in new guns; there's a lot more to it.

"Gear sets and exotic weapons or gear are difficult because we have such a vast array of standard gear, and then the expectation is that anything beyond that will provide something," Massive explained to us in an interview. "Then we're trying to decide when we make these weapons, who are we catering to? Are we catering to the people that use spreadsheets and they're calculating the smallest DPS increase? Are we catering to the player who's looking for a different game experience? At its highest level that's where we begin: Who are we catering to? We factor in all the other things like how is this weapon going to affect that rating counter, this raid boss, all the other content we have. It's literally a checklist and we have to play it all. It's a complicated game and we do our best to catch everything."

The Division 2 masks

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They didn't stop there, because we asked about future content similar to the riddles required to obtain each of the 12 masks. Fans of those will want to pay attention to the upcoming expeditions: "What we're talking about is a single narrative that have... let's just say you have three isolated locations, three locations that are tied together with a single hub. But they all kind of have their own biome. Then each one is linked to the narrative, and we're not going to hold your hand. So how do you uncover the mystery of this convoy that went dark? You have to figure it out. There's going to be mystery involved and we enjoy watching players uncover that mystery. It's something we put in and people liked it, so being able to design more of that is going to be fun. I think you'll see - without saying specifically yes or no - I believe you'll see more of that as we continue throughout the year."

So even if the news about Division 2 raid matchmaking isn't your bag, it sounds like there's more content coming to the game that will appease both new and old players alike. Keep your eyes peeled on the site when the Division 2 expeditions launch later this year, because we'll have guides going up to help anyone struggling to solve them.

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