Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Hull Breach: V - IX

When you touch down for patrol missions on the Dreadnaught, you'll spawn at the Hull Breach. So it makes perfect sense to have it listed as our second location.

Calcified Fragment V - Needle and Worm

Make your way under the ship through what's left of the corridor that leads to the Mausoleum.

As you head through, you'l hit a segment with a flickering broken light, where the soft yellow lighting switches to a harsh white.

There will be collapsed beams lining the corridor ahead, but rather than continuing through, investigate the wreckage to your left.

The Calcified Fragment is amidst the exposed girders.

Here's a closer look.

Calcified Fragment VI - Sisters

Make your way along the right wall in the Hull Breach, heading towards the Patrol Beacon.

Drop off the ledge by the beacon.

Oh ho! What's this? Head through the door and go left

Follow the path past the machine that requires the Wormsinger Rune.

In the left corner is a tunnel. Crawl through.

Follow the tunnel until you can turn left, then follow this new path.

You'll pop out in a room with a big, cylindrical thing that you can scan with your Ghost.

The fragment is in the back left corner of the room.

Calcified Fragment VII - The Dive

At the point where you spawn in for patrol on the Dreadnaught, look to your left and drop down to the ground below.

Spin around to find a doorway underneath the debris.

Go on through to the end.

Turn left and make your way over to the green light in the corner.

The fragment is to the left of the light source.

Calcified Fragment VIII - Leviathan

From the spawn point for the patrol, look up and to the right to see a number of platforms that have formed by the crashed ship's arrival.

You need to jump up to the very top platform. One of the patrol missions will send you to this exact spot too.

At the back of the top platform, you'll find the Calcified Fragment.

Calcified Fragment IX - The Bargain

From the spawn point, approach the Cabal ship and you'll notice some wreckage rising up from the ground to the right.

Scoot around to the right side of it to find the fragment.

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