Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Hall of Souls: X - XIII, XXXV

The Hall of Souls is also home to The Court of Oryx - which we'll be visiting briefly - but we won't be summoning any champions for now. Check the Court of Oryx section for more info on the events.

Calcified Fragment X: Immortals

Enter the Hall of Souls from the Hull Breach and look down to the right to spot a doorway on platform below.

Head through and crawl through the tunnel on the right.

You'll pop out into a room where the Key of Akka chest is sitting over to the right. Go straight on and through the tunnel ahead.

The tunnel will fork into two. To the right is the Taken Consumption chestholding fragment XXXV, but ignore that for now.

Head down the path to the left.

The Calcified Fragment will be on the right wall of the tunnel, next to the second outcrop of glowing crystals.

Calcified Fragment XI - Conquerors

You can reach the target location by bypassing the Court of Oryx, but we went through because it was more scenic. Head down the corridor lined with freaky statues into the main room bathed in a red glow.

Head through the doorway below to the left.

This will lead out onto a platform to the right of the Court of Oryx. There are a couple of other ways of reaching this area, so just make your way over here via your preferred route.

Turn right, with your back to the Court of Oryx, and pull out your Ghost to be able to see the floating platforms ahead.

Follow them over to the large platform on the right.

This is the same platform where you'll find the Key of Yuul chest.

The fragment is at the back of the platform, embedded in a strut.

 Calcified Fragment XII - Out of the Deep

Back at the Court of Oryx, head down the statue-lined corridor and into the room at the end.

This time around, drop down and go through the doorway to the right.

Follow the path and you'll emerge into a room with a doorway to the left and some broken pillars to the right.

Scale the set of pillars and you'll spot the Calcified Fragment sitting on a ledge behind them to the right.

Jump over from the top pillar to reach it.

Calcified Fragment XIII - Into the Sky

Facing the portal in the Court of Oryx, make your way to the right edge.

You'll be able to see the Calcified Fragment stuck onto the side of the nearest pillar. Hop over to get it.

Calcified Fragment XXXV - This Love is War

This fragment is in the Taken Consumption chest, but to open it without getting killed, we'll need a relic. Hang around the caverns near the Court of Oryx until you hear praying, then burst in and shoot the place up.

You'll have to deal with Hive, Taken, and a yellow miniboss of sorts. The aim is to kill all of them to make the item we need appear. Be sure to mop up any stragglers

Once you've cleared the area, a notification will tell you that a relic is being pulled from the void. It's an orb that will spawn in the contraption above. There are a couple of rooms with one of these in, so if you get the notification and nothing is happening, nip into the next cave to see if it's in there.

Grab the orb and make your way back to the doorway we went through to find Calcified Fragment X. It's near the entrance to the Hall of Souls that leads in from the Hull Breach. There's a timer, so move quickly.

As before, go through the tunnel to the right.

Head past the Key of Akka chest in the next room and go through the tunnel ahead.

Where the tunnel forks, go right.

The Taken Consumption chest is in the cave at the end.

As long as you're holding the relic, you won't be affected by the blight. It takes a while to open but you should have plenty of time left to spare. The alternate method to opening this chest is to use a super just outside of the cave, then run in to open it. Use either the Hunter's Blade Dancer, the Warlock's Sunsinger, or the Titan's Ward Shield and you'll have just enough time to run in and open it before dying in agony.

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