Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught Key and Chest Locations

If you took down Destiny's god-Knight Crota on the Moon, I'll bet you've been feeling pretty pleased with yourself. Well the proverbial has hit the fan in The Taken King - his daddy knows all about what you did and he's coming for you, with his corrupted army in tow.

Oryx has parked up his Dreadnaught next to Saturn, and hidden amidst this labyrinthine structure are a number of chests full of all sorts of tasty loot. Unfortunately, the chests are locked. As if thieves are a big problem in outer spa- actually, he might be on to something.

Luckily, we know where to get our hands on some keys, so you'll be thieving away in no time at all.

Table of Contents:

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Shabana Arif
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