Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Strike - Shield Brothers: XXVIII

You can actually pick up this Calcified Fragment while dropping in for Patrol on the Dreadnaught, but the end room will have a pretty tough enemy in so if you're on your own, you might prefer to load up the strike so your comrades can take the heat while you nab the fragment.

Calcified Fragment XXVIII - King of Shapes

In the main area of the ship, the double doors that lead to the bridge will be open for the strike, so just follow the objective through here and you'll be on the right path.

In patrol, you can open the door by deploying your Ghost at one of the two terminals on either side of the main area while a friend does the same at the other one. Or you can make life easy for yourself and just pop through the hole above the door. It's to the left.

Follow the corridor through the bridge taking out the Hive as you go.

Regardless of whether you enter the room at the end via the strike or patrol, it's all kicking off in here with a boss that needs a beat down.

Head along the wall to the right.

There's some wreckage that's formed into an arched shape. Poke around its left side.

The fragment is tucked away here.

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