Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Tier 3 - Court of Oryx: XLVII - XLIX

To access Tier 3 in the Court of Oryx, you'll need an Antiquated Rune which you can get as a reward for completing Tier 2, beating the Nightfall, and completing Crota's Bane quests. Charge the rune by completing three Tier 2 battles. Needless to say, this tier is tough with enemies that are over level 40, so round up a decent Fire Team before diving in.

Calcified Fragment XLVII - Apocalypse Refrains

Beat Thalnok, the Fanatic of Crota to get this fragment.

Calcified Fragment XLVIII - Aiat, Aiat, Aiat, Aiat, Aiat

Defeat Balwur and you'll be rewarded with the next fragment.

Calcified Fragment XLIX - Forever and a Blade

Kill Kagoor for the last Tier 3 fragment in the Court of Oryx.

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