Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Mausoleum: I - IV, XXXIV

The Mausoleum is the room that makes you feel like you're about to burst out into a hospital maternity ward at any moment. This is where we'll pick up our first Calcified Fragments.

Calcified Fragment I - Predators

Looking towards the light in the Mausoleum, you'll spot a platform over to the right across the chasm.

Head to the right edge of the area and bring out your Ghost to find the invisible platforms hanging over the void.

Jump from platform to platform, bringing out your Ghost to map out the route.

Once you make it to the large platform, head to the opposite end past the chest.

The Calcified Fragment is embedded behind one of the struts at the back.

Calcified Fragment II - The Hateful Verse

Over on the left wall of the Mausoleum are a few doorways.

Head into the pointed one.

Turn left after entering to spot a glowing canister.

The fragment is on the rear of the canister at the base.

Calcified Fragment III - The Oath

Back in the Mausoleum, go through the doorway to the left of the pointed one we went through to find the second fragment.

Crawl through the tunnel ahead.

This will bring you out into a cave.

Look up to the left and you'll see a ledge with the Calcified Fragment sitting on it.

Hop up to nab it.

Calcified Fragment IV - Syzygy

Make your way to where the Cabal ship is poking out into the Mausoleum.

Underneath the window is a collapsed beam.

The fragment is tucked away behind it.

Calcified Fragment XXXIV - More Beautiful to Know

This fragment is actually found in the A Scent is the Key chest. Head into the cave in the Mausoleum where we found Calcified Fragment III and crouch facing the tunnel. Soon you'll notice that green fumes start wafting everywhere. Eventually you'll get a message telling you that you've caught the Scent of the Worm and you now have one minute to get to the chest and open it.

It's best to either do a practice run of the route or get a friend or two to stand on the platforms and run ahead so you don't have to waste time faffing about pulling out our Ghost. You're going to want to run across to the right and use the invisible platforms to reach the platform on the left of the chasm this time.

Head left where the platforms fork into two directions.

There's another platform ahead of you.

Across from here are a few more. Stick to the left path.

From the end of the left platform, hop across to the next one along.

Jump across to the final platform and onto the larger one beyond.

Three Blind Thrall will rise up out of the little ponds here but you shouldn't get attacked if the timer on the scent is still running - which you need to open the chest, so it should be.

The chest is at the back left of the platform. Bear in mind that the scent needs to last until the chest opens - and it doesn't open instantly. You need to hold down the button to open it and wait until the bar goes all the way around and pops the lid, which is why it's handy if you can get some chums to hang around on the invisible platforms to save you some precious time. It's doable on your own but you need to move fast.

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