Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Story - Regicide: XVIII, XXIV - XXV, XXVII

Load up the Regicide mission on the Dreadnaught to find the next lot of Calcified Fragments.

Calcified Fragment XVIII - Leviathan Rises

As you progress through this mission, you'll eventually cross over to the eerie platform at the end of the Trenchway.

Head over to the left.

The fragment is in the corner near the edge of the platform.

Calcified Fragment XXIV - The Scream

The next two fragments are in the Asylum. Feel free to clear out the enemies in this area if the incessant barrage of fire you'll be under begins to grate on your nerves. Can't they see we're in the middle of something?

Look over the left edge of the staircase and you'll see a couple of struts running down to the wall.

The fragment is at the end of the one to the right.

Calcified Fragment XXV - Dictata ir Dakaua

Make your way a little farther along the left staircase towards the posts with the rope slung between them.

Peer over the edge with your Ghost out and you'll see a platform directly below. Drop down onto it.

Rather than continuing straight ahead to the cylindrical structure in front of you, spin around and your Ghost will light up a platform that leads under the giant staircase you just came down.

Hop onto the platform and turn right. There's a nook with a ledge that you can jump over to.

Pop across to pick up the fragment.

Calcified Fragment XXVII - Eat the Sky

The next fragment is through the second portal you'll pass through as you follow the objectives.

You'll emerge in a circular room lined with rectangular stone blocks.

There will be two behind you. Head to the one on the left.

The fragment is just behind it.

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