Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Trenchway: XIV - XVII, XIX - XX

The quickest way to access the Trenchway is to boot up the first Dreadnaught mission. Otherwise, you'll have to trek through the Hull Breach and Hall of Souls after you drop in at the patrol spawn point. It's a time saver. If you're following these numerically, there'll be a bit of going back and forth to mop them up.

Calcified Fragment XIV - 52 and One

Make your way through the Trenchway, and circumvent this maw of spikes to reach the corridor beyond.

The hole you need to crawl through is to the left.

When you pop out in the corridor, head to the opposite end.

Investigate the collapsed pillars in the corner.

The fragment is lodged in a pillar to the right.

Calcified Fragment XV - Born as Prey

Back near the start of the area, you may have noticed some debris opposite the spiked gate that we had to go around by crawling through maggot infested tunnels.

Poke around to find the fragment nestled at the top of a fallen pillar.

Calcified Fragment XVI - The Sword Logic

Beginning from the spawn point for the first Dreadnaught mission, you'll see a ledge down to the left.

Drop down, taking care not to slide off into the vacuum of space.

The fragment is embedded into the side of the wall.

Calcified Fragment XVII - The Weakness Verse

From the spawn point for the first mission, head right down the hall to the opposite end.

Go past the door that leads further into the Dreadnaught and you'll spot a second doorway to the left of it.

Head inside to find a fragment tucked away on the left.

Calcified Fragment XIX - Crusaders

Head inside the Dreadnaught from the spawn point for the first mission, and stop at the end of the platform next to the doorway that leads further inside.

Whip out your Ghost to spy the platform ahead you and cross over to the other side.

Go through the doorway here and follow the corridor to the end.

The fragment is in the corner to the right.

Calcified Fragment XX - Hive

Make your way inside the Dreadnaught from the spawn point, and hop over the first set of invisible platforms.

Facing the way you came, look to the right with your Ghost out and you'll see some more floating platforms.

Follow the path and hop over to the last one branching off from a doorway in the wall to the left.

Head down the spoopy corridor.

When you emerge in the room at the end, pop over to the left.

There's a big canister in the wall.

The fragment is at the base.

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