Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

King's Fall Raid: XXIX - XXXIII

The recommended Light Level for this raid is 290 and there are a total of five Calcified Fragments to pick up while you're here.

Calcified Fragment XXIX - Carved in Ruin

You can find this fragment in the room with the teleporter.

It's on the edge of the pillar in the centre of the room.

Calcified Fragment XXX - A Golden Amputation

Take the teleporter up to the Basilica.

As you enter this area, look to the right to spot the fragment on the floor at the base of the pillar.

Calcified Fragment XXXI - Battle Made Waves

This fragment can be found in Golgoroth's Cellar.

Follow the path and take the first left.

Carry on until you can go left a second time.

The corridor ends in a dead end where you'll find the fragment up to the right.

Calcified Fragment XXXII - Majestic. Majestic. 

After defeating Golgoroth, leave the area heading into the tunnel beyond and take a left.

Go through the next doorway on your left and you'll pop out into a room with a big spinning cylinder in the middle.

Head towards the next doorway on the left and look up to see a ledge.

Jump up here to find the fragment.

Calcified Fragment XXIII - When Do Monsters Have Dreams

The last fragment is in the Transept where you'll find the jumping puzzle.

Make your way down to the lowest platform on the side you start from, taking care not to get shunted off by the piston-powered pillars.

The fragment is in the corner next to one such pillar.

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