Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

The Founts: XXI - XXIII

There are three Calcified Fragments in The Founts - all of which are in pretty straightforward places. Although there will be an Ogre and a handful of Hive to contend with.

Calcified Fragment XXI - An Incision

Enter The Founts using the doorway on the left side of the Mausoleum and head straight down the corridor.

At the end of the corridor, you'll enter The Founts proper, and what's that behind the spiky grille ahead?

Grab the Calcified Fragment from behind the spiked gate.

Calcified Fragment XXII - The High War

From the last Calcified Fragment, turn left, head into The Founts and hop up onto the platform directly ahead.

Turn around to face the doorway and look over to the left to get eye on the fragment.

To reach the fragment, jump over to the top of Oryx's questionable choice of ceiling decorations hanging to the left.

From here, hop over to the ledge opposite and grab the Calcified Fragment.

Calcified Fragment XXIII - Fire Without Fuel 

Back on the ground, head down the hall ahead.

Drop down into the lower area, clearing out any enemies lurking below.

Continue to the end and turn right.

Head to the back left corner.

Manoeuvre yourself around to the rear end of the coffin-y looking objects here.

The fragment is wedged into the back of the one closest to the wall. Crouch down to pick it up.

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