Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Wormsinger Rune: XXXVIII

The next Calcified Fragment is found when you open your very first Dreadnaught chest. The keys can either be obtained from a random drop or after going through a bit of a convoluted process involving a Wormsinger Rune which we're covering here. Once you have your first key, find out where the matching chest is using outDreadnaught Key and Chest Locationsguide and open it up for your fragment.

The Wormsinger Rune is a random drop on the Dreadnaught that you can pick up from killing Hive Knights and Hive Wizards, so make sure you've got a slot available in your inventory and let the hunt commence. I picked mine up in the Court of Oryx.

Once you've got your hands on one, head to one of the two terminals in the Hull Breach to use it. The first one is to the left of the patrol spawn point.

Drop down and head through the doorway below.

The terminal is on the left.

To find the second terminal, head over to the patrol beacon on the right of the Hull Breach.

There's a doorway below.

Inside is a hole in the wall to the left.

The terminal is to the right in this room.

Once you use the Wormsinger Rune, a Hive summoning party will drop in. Wipe them out and a Champion will appear.Kill the Champion and he'll drop a Wormfeeder Rune. Now you need to kill 50 enemies without dying or leaving the Dreadnaught.

Once you hit 50, your rune will turn into a random key. Head to theappropriate chestand pop it open for your Calcified Fragment. Remember, you only get the fragment for the first Dreadnaught chest you open.

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