Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Skyburners Quest Chain: XXXVII

To get this fragment, you need to mow down Cabal until one of them drops a Skyburners Command Beacon. Both the Hull Breach and the area of the Mausoleum by the Cabal ship are good places to pick them off.

Calcified Fragment XXXVII - Shapes : Points

Once you have it in your possession, head to the Hull Breach and board the Cabal ship.

Turn to your left as you enter and you'll see a terminal at the top of a small ramp. Approach it and you'll be prompted to activate the Skyburners Command Beacon.

The Cabal will drop in a recon time just outside, with soldiers that are significantly tougher than the usual ones milling about on the Dreadnaught.

After dealing with them, the Cabal will summon their Champion, who is also a pretty tough customer.

The Champion will drop Skyburners Deployment Codes when he's vanquished.

Head back to the Mausoleum and hop through the window in the side of the Cabal ship.

Approach the terminal in here to activate the Skyburners Deployment Codes.

This will initiate a series of short missions, and once you've finished them, you'll be awarded a Skyburners Security Pass.

Get yourself back to the Mausoleum and through the window onto the ship where we just used the terminal.

Over to the right is a door that you can now open using your security pass.

Use the Skyburners Security Pass to open the chest inside for the Calcified Fragment.

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