Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

Tier 2 - Court of Oryx: XXXIX - XLII

The Court of Oryx is the large platform in the Hall of Souls. There are three statues where you can present runes to kick off a public event. To start a Tier 2 event, you need to charge up a Stolen Rune by completing three Tier 1 events. Stolen Runes can be a reward for Tier 1 events, purchased from Eris Morn at rank 5 for 1500 glimmer and 20 Black Wax Idols, or can can be found in chests on the Dreadnaught. Present it to the middle statue on the left as you face the court to summon a boss. Reciprocal Runes are used to initiate Tier 1 events and can be found in Dreadnaught chests, by completing quests, or purchased from Eris Morn at rank 5 for 500 glimmer and 10 Black Wax Idols. The fragments are supposedly awarded after beating a specific combo of bosses (listed below) but it looks like they may actually be random drops.

Calcified Fragment XXXIX - Open Your Eye : Go Into It

This fragment is supposed to be dropped after beating Lokaar and Vorlog, but as you can see, I picked it up after beating Lokaar, Cra'adug and Mengoor which aren't listed as any of the Tier 2 combos that will yield a Calcified Fragment, so just keep at it. If you want to go for a particular pairing, throw yourself off the edge and don't return to the arena. This will cancel the event and you'll keep your charged rune for another summoning attempt.

Calcified Fragment XL - An Emperor For All Outcomes

The popular consensus for getting this fragment is to beat Bracus Horu'usk, Cra'adug and Mengoor.

Calcified Fragment XLI - Dreadnaught

Try taking on Krughor, Mengoor, and Cra'adug for the next fragment.

Calcified Fragment XLII - ||

For the last Tier 2 fragment, look out for Krughor and Vorlog.

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