Build your own Saga of Ryzom

Players of The Saga of Ryzom will soon be able to create their own adventures, environments and scenarios with Ryzom Ring, the upcoming expansion for the massively multiplayer game, due for release this summer - and we've got exclusivescreens of the game in action.

Kitted out with a set of simple but effective design tools, Ryzom Ring is the first MMORPG to enable players to take creative control. "Ryzom's future is from now on in the hands of players", says executive producer, Daniel Miller. The expansion will mean an effectively endless stream of new, player-created content for the online role-player.

Have a peek at the screens by clicking on the images tab above. Since no other massively multiplayer games - such as World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot or Shadowbane - allow you to forge your own worlds of fantasy, Ryzom Ring could be the answer for all those wannabe designers or imaginatively-gifted role-playing fans. Start planning your creations now!

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